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1 years ago
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How to create Instagram reels on a PC

How to create Instagram reels on a PCInstagram confirmed some time ago that it would soon provide some love to its web edition, which is sorely needed. The capability is currently limited, and we can only view but not edit the uploaded posts. As a result, many individuals are looking for alternatives to being able to print from a computer. In this regard, we'll show you how to create great Instagram reels with your computer.

We'll use Deskgram, a free tool for Windows and Mac, to accomplish this. With its features, you'll be able to upload any form of content to the social network directly from your computer.

Upload stories, reels, and posts from your PC
posts from your PCAlthough Instagram is a mobile application and platform, its expansion has led to the usage of the computer as a tool to expedite work. This is how many users support their work on the social network with services and software that allow them to upload and even program publications from their computers.
However, people pay for these solutions, and not everyone has the financial means to pay for them right now. Deskgram comes in here, which is entirely free and allows you to upload stories and reels to Instagram directly from your computer.
The app provides a simple mechanism for making all of your Instagram posts without too many hassles. This includes reels, stories, and traditional postings with one or more photos. The application interface is straightforward and intuitive, so familiarizing yourself will only take minutes.

You'll need to check in with your Instagram credentials to get started. Photos, videos, carousels, stories, and reels are the five choices for uploading anything to Instagram that people will view right away. When you click on the one you want, the window will open and allow you to drag your image or video to the interface.

You'll immediately move to the clipping tool, and then customize the caption and tags before publishing. Each publication follows a similar procedure, albeit each has its quirks. For example, when uploading a video, the tool will allow you to crop it to upload only a portion of it.

You can now upload stories and reels to Instagram from your computer in seconds and with ease.

How Does Deskgram Work?
How Does Deskgram Work?Deskgram is a desktop app that functions similarly to the Instagram mobile app. Navigate to the web page and download and install the application.
Before you begin, you must create a Deskgram account, which you can do through this app, so that you can be communicated with concerning updates.
Link your IG account and schedule and upload photographs, videos, carousels, reels, and stories.

Include Audio in Reels

In 2020, Instagram users will be able to create videos with an audio track, special effects, and the ability to remix other people's work.

The format of the Instagram reel is identical to that of TikTok, but it provides creators and businesses with considerable marketing opportunities due to Instagram's more extensive user base.

On Instagram Reels, users may make short clips of themselves saying their favorite movie lines, dancing to their favorite music, pranking their friends, and doing anything else.

Users may only post a 15-second video to their Instagram reels at first. On the other hand, engineers have increased the time limit to 60 seconds.

You can further increase the visual appeal of your Reels by using unique sounds, special effects, and background music.

In addition, Instagram offers an extensive music library from which you may choose background music to go with the theme of your Reel.

We are pleased to announce that, aside from the official Instagram mobile app, Deskgram is the only app that allows you to add background music from your Instagram music library from your PC or MAC. It functions similarly to the official Instagram mobile app, with highlighted times on the course.

Post Photos, Videos, Carousels, Reels, And Stories

Deskgram is the only PC and MAC program that lets you post photographs, videos, carousels, reels, and stories straight from your desktop or laptop computer.

Download and install the app, sign up for Deskgram, connect your Instagram account to the app, and begin uploading immediately.

You don't have to worry about the size of your images, films, reels, or stories when submitting them. Select what you wish to upload, and the Deskgram software will process the file according to Instagram's specifications. The procedure is nearly identical to that of the Instagram mobile app.

Cropping And Trimming Tool For Pictures and Videos

You may crop your photos with this app's built-in cropping tool, which lets you select a portion of a photo or video and delete everything outside of it. Cropping lowers the size of a photograph or a video, and this feature becomes available as soon as you select a photo or video to upload.

You'll observe that this tool has a limited aspect ratio during cropping. This is due to Instagram's specifications, and you do not need to be concerned about measurements.

You can also find the trimmer tool at the bottom of the page for videos. You can choose the beginning and finish points of the movie with this tool, and it will cut the video according to your choices.

Display Related HashTags And Users In Caption

If you use the hash(#) tag and type a word in the caption for an Instagram post, it will automatically show you a list of relevant hashtags and the number of posts that have been published, as we do on the Instagram mobile app.

The same goes for mentioning. If you wish to mention a user in a caption, write the mention(@) tag followed by the username you want to mention, and you'll see a list of all associated usernames.

Tag Users In Posts

User profiles can be tagged in your posts. After cropping, you can add photographs by clicking on them. In photographs, the spot where you click will be the tag position.

Click the tag button for movies and reels to begin adding users to your films and reels. You can add 20 user profiles for photographs, videos, and reels. You can also add ten photographs and videos to carousel postings, with 20 profiles tagged on each photo/video. You can tag 200 profiles in a single carousel post (10 photos/videos x 20 each).

Bring in Collaborators on your IG Posts

Yes, you can tag someone in your Instagram post as a collaborator. Apart from the Instagram mobile app, Deskgram is the only program that allows you to invite a collaborator to a post.

To invite a collaborator to a photo post, press CTRL + Click on a Windows computer or COMMAND + Click on a Mac. You can access videos and reels by pressing the button.

Add more than one IG Account

If you use numerous accounts on your Instagram mobile app, don't worry about utilizing them on your PC or Mac.

In the Deskgram application, you can add as many accounts as you wish, and they will all function in the same way as the official Instagram app. The good news is that you won't have to change accounts to upload.

Simultaneously Upload Content To different Accounts

Are you unsure what the term "simultaneous upload" means? You can upload to all the accounts you've linked in the Deskgram app.

There is no need to change accounts; choose your account and click the "upload post" button. Another helpful feature is that if you want the same post to be shared across all or chosen Instagram accounts, you can do it by selecting the accounts you want to share it with. It will simultaneously upload all of the accounts you've chosen.

Scheduling of Photos, Videos, Carousels, Reels, And Stories

The term "schedule" refers to actual scheduling. We don't use reminders, so you'll have to publish to Instagram at the appropriate time manually.

When you plan a photo, video, carousel, Reel, or story with Deskgram Scheduler, it will be uploaded to our server and Instagram using your Instagram session. We strongly advise users to set up two-factor authorization for scheduling to run well.

Download Photos, Videos, Carousels, Reels, Stories, And Profile Photos

Deskgram lets you save all your Instagram profile's posts, stories, and highlights. You can download any Instagram user's display photo in the most satisfactory resolution.

Type in the URL of the post you wish to download, and it will provide a preview before allowing you to download it.

You only need to enter your Instagram profile username for Stories, Highlights, and Profile Photos. Only if you follow that profile may you download private profile posts and stories.

Why should I use Deskgram?

Deskgram is the only app that functions similarly to Instagram's official app. As a result, when you use the Deskgram App to post, you'll get greater reach, impressions, views, hashtags, and a better chance of appearing on the Explore page because official Instagram app uploads take precedence over all other types of uploads.

If you publish content from a website using Instagram Public APIs, it will have a far lower reach, impressions, and other metrics than if you upload through Deskgram. So, what do you have to lose? Start uploading after installing the app.

Tips for creating Instagram reels
Tips for creating Instagram reels?Tips for creating Instagram reels?

1. Get Rid of Watermarks

We recommend removing watermarks from the videos you wish to post to give them the best chance of doing well. Many IG users mistake putting TikTok watermarks on their videos, and Instagram's algorithm can detect TikTok's watermarks in videos. Remove any watermarks from your videos to improve their chances of appearing in Instagram's Explore section.

2. Make use of current music

Look for songs that are hot and trendy when making an Instagram Reel. Use music that is currently hot and has the potential to go viral online. If you can't locate a song that fits your concept, choose one that does.

Including music in your Reels allows you to stay current while also increasing your visibility on the network. You can also participate in Instagram's fun challenges from time to time.

3. Make sure your video is of high quality

The most popular Instagram Reels have undergone thorough editing by a professional. Although this isn't always the case, the quality of the video is the most significant distinction between viral and non-viral Instagram Reels. Good lighting and high resolution are two characteristics of a high-quality video. If you're going to use your phone, make sure there's enough light. Consider purchasing a ring light if you're filming indoors, as it softens the shadows and improves the image quality.

4. Obey Community Rules

It's a no-brainer on this one. You have a better chance of going viral if your posts, Reels, and stories do not violate community norms. Otherwise, you may be subject to a temporary or permanent ban. Why take the chance of getting into trouble?

Respect intellectual property rights, refrain from posting anything about nudity unless it's for medical reasons, and avoid terrorism, prejudice, organized crime, hate organizations, or fake news. As an Instagram creator, you should always know the Community Guidelines.

5. Don't forget to include closed captions

Keep in mind that many Instagram users don't have access to sound, so captions or text will assist them in grasping the material if there isn't any. People who are deaf or hard of hearing will be able to understand the video as well.

Influencers on Instagram may struggle to come up with captions that represent the video's tone or provide vital information, and they may even skip subtitles entirely. They increase interaction and make their Reels more discoverable when they go above and above.

Instead of being limited to looking for hashtags or picture captions, users may search for terms that exist in video captions. This searchability makes reels go viral.