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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The number of comments you`ve purchased will remain constant over time. People may unfollow you, but their remarks are not deleted. So, whether you choose real or custom options, our comments are permanent.
  • You can play Instagram Stories in two formats. An Instagram Story video can only be 15 seconds long, and You can only display a story photo for 7 seconds. There is an alternative to the 15-second limit for Story videos. To make a longer Story, you can combine several videos of 15 seconds each. You can post an Instagram video Story that lasts longer than the 15-second limit, but you won`t have to edit it. Instagram`s feature will automatically divide your first minute into multiple segments of 15 seconds. If your video is longer than one minute, you might need to use an application or tool third-party to edit it. This will allow you to receive the desired Instagram views.
  • No, Instagram cannot distinguish between natural likes and those you buy, and Instagram believes the likes are legitimate and permanent. And as such, there is no risk in Using Social likes services.
  • You can buy likes for your other Instagram account. All you have to do Is paste the account name in the field for the IG name and the email address linked to that account.
  • No, your password is not a requirement.
  • Social likes only give exact things to their users, and we give you likes from real Instagram accounts.